Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Oh crap.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014
To me, it really feels like my midterms finished yesterday with Persons. But, alas, I still have one more test to hurdle before I can finally unwind guilt-free. But I still want to take advantage of the lull and write about... yes. You've guessed it. Shoes.

The past few weeks I think I may have acquired over a dozen pairs. Possibly more. I've just lost count. Each and every purchase was well-justified in my head. And I know most girls feel the same way:

But aside from that, while shopping, my "survival instincts" become heightened, like this:

But maybe it's just greed. :(

In any case, this is just stating the obvious but I always, always get sad and torn when people scold me about it. :(

But I love my shoes. I can never part with them.

I just have to make sure I don't turn into an Imelda Marcos. @_@

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